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Articles (researched and written by Ron Irvine)

Living with Open Hands (the journey of my heart). My Blog and soon to be a book, being published by WeaselWorks Freelance Editing and Publishing


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This “Life / Work” portfolio that you are viewing expresses my philosophy of “career”; including underlying values and a lifetime of practice that has lead to a meaningful life that reflects my identity and purpose.

My philosophy of “career”: A career is all of the productive and creative activity a person does throughout life  (whether paid or unpaid). In this sense, life, work,  and the person become a seamless, integrated whole. Too often career is thought of only as one’s ”job”, a money-making activity done in isolation from the rest of one’s life. When this happens, people tend to leave part of themselves at home while they are at work. They become a cog in the machine.  Only that piece of self is allowed to be present that is necessary for the task. I have a difficult time splitting myself like this. I prefer to be fully present in every aspect of my life; whether family, spiritual, work, or leisure. I call it living an authentic, undivided life… a life of integrity.






Ron Irvine


Working for

Peace & Justice,

Equality & Community,

with Integrity & Simplicity

Contact Info

Ron Irvine 

Cell 616-299-6374

Fax 616-974-6497

On-line Life Work Portfolio:












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